I’m Carlen

A Community Architect

My Focus

Community Psychology

I have studied social and community psychology with a focus on the process of empowerment for groups. 


With the scalability of new and emerging technologies it is becoming more important than ever to become purposeful in the implementation of truly human-centered design. 


Information Architecture

From user owned data and distributed web database systems to systems of categorization like the UN’s SDG’s, we must align the core architecture of how we capture, share, and explore data with the goals of collective human evolution. 


User Onboarding Strategy

Using deep anthropology to align new businesses with core human, cultural, and institutional needs. 


Gamification isn’t a movement to avoid reality. It is about deeper engagement, satisfaction, and results.

Yes, I'm a Libra

My greatest joy is in bringing balance and perspective to complex and dynamic systems. To bring forth the elegance and beauty in this world in ways that bring peace and joy to all sentient beings. 

My Journey

I grew up shamanic and was deeply interested in religion from a very young age. After spending most of my childhood and teenage years explore different religions, I found myself more interested in the ways in which they were all so similar than their differences. This brought me to psychology, where I found myself dedicating my life to understanding the process of empowerment, community, and service.


I am currently working with groups around the world through my work with Serve; as an advisor to mindful business with high impact targets; a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle, a project of the Source of Synergy Foundation; and lecturer on astrology and nonviolent communication.  


A few Projects

Past Company

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