The intersection of technology, love and connection. 

Current  Projects

My curiosity is in expansion of collective capacity. I take into account the structural and technological barriers to generating collective capacity as well as the psychological needs such as safe space, empowerment, sovereignty, and nonviolent communication.

My Services

UX Design

Capture the energy of your movement.


Advanced website development, Web3, and app development.

Community Engagement

There is a science to community engagement. My greatest passion is working to leverage this for a better world.


A passion project of mine... I am working on a research project to test personality differences as a function of the underlying physics behind the patters in astrology.

My Work

I work with projects taking bold action for a better tomorrow. Projects that reinvent what we think is possible and that nurture humanity. 

I am currently the CTO, Creative Director, and Social Change 2.0 Geek for the Empowerment Institute. The Co-Founder and Chef Architect for Serve Community. VP of Business Development for Semantu. Co-Founder of ElpisInk. Web developer for various projects that I believe in. 


Let's discover what is possible!